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Fall Is On the Doorstep…
August 21, 2008, 7:33 pm
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Fall is on the doorstep! I love the fall because I crave college football and am always glued to the post-season baseball in October.  Sadly, it looks like the Cardinals may not make the post-season this year. Even sadder is that the Cubs are tearin’ it up. My love for the Cardinals is equaled by hatred of the Cubs. With this in mind, I have as much incentive to remain glued to October because I must root for the team playing Chicago.

Better than October baseball, though, is college football in October. In the fall my energy is given to Oklahoma and the Big 12. Now, I live in Big 10 country and must cope with my faithful Illinois friends who, each year, insist that the Illini will do great things this year (please join me in my disgust. ). At the other end of the spectrum, are my Illinois friends who cheer on those over-hyped Tigers of Mizzou. Seldom do I come across an individual who has the college football head on straight. Oklahoma, on the other hand, is poised to have a great year…again.

I also love the fall because it is a bit of fresh beginning for church stuff. We still carry the baggage of our past failures and weak areas, but the fall gives opportunity to make changes, start new programs and begin certain ministries the right way. I guess you could say that the church’s new year lands just after Labor Day! I am so excited about starting up the Student Ministry with a full head of steam. It was a great summer for our students. But I have a hunch that this fall the Spirit will move through this ministry is a powerful way. It is a step up for the Student Ministry. Last week I sent out a letter to all my parents concerning the Student Ministry along with a postcard advertising our regular programming. This week I sent that same postcard out to around 60 students. The first week of September my team and I will be making personal phone calls to further invite our young people. God will bless this ministry and He will impact young lives beyond our imaginations. Our job??? Dream big and let imaginations run wild…


Greg Boyd
August 4, 2008, 3:42 pm
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My brother recently posted Charlie Rose interviewing pastor/author Greg Boyd. The interview centers on Boyd’s book The Myth of a Christian Nation and the majority of the interview discusses faith/politics. Good interview that is worth checking out…