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Gettin’ Ready!!!
May 20, 2008, 2:42 am
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Nicole and I just got back home from our third and last session of birth class. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be so close with a baby (Nicole’s due July 1st)…and our first baby at that. I am new to this and I wasn’t ready for all the emotions and “needniness” (not sure if that conveys what I am trying to say – she just needs my help is all), but I have certainly learned to be humble and selfless while Nicole has been pregnant.

I didn’t grow up with girls around the house a whole lot because though I have one sister and three brothers, my sister is 15 years older than me. She was in college by the time I reached elementary school so I what I know of life was saturated with what I experienced with my brothers…this mainly consisted of hawking loogies, bragging about what was floating in the toilet, hitting fireflies with wiffel ball bats, etc. Needless to say this whole pregnant experience has been filled with my wife’s teachable moments. I can honestly say, though, that the whole birth progression is definitely the most incredible process I know of. I wouldn’t have said this a year ago.

As we sat in the birth class, though, I couldn’t help but be proud that we are part of the Church. In one session our teacher taught us how to prepare for post birth (meals, nursery stuff, etc.). But a lot of that stuff our church blesses us with. I bet that many in our congregation will bring meals once we get home, they are throwing a shower for us (which a few church friends are organizing) to help get us prepared, they are always offering encouragement and support and the list could go on. I am just so happy that I have a church home that loves us enough to help us and provide for us. If only all of the couples in our class had the church in their life.

Peace…Matt c.