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Authors worth keeping tabs on…
May 28, 2008, 9:06 pm
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When I was younger my siblings and I constantly made fun of and complained about the number of books my dad had at home, in his church office and in his car. Seriously, if you saw the amount of books in my Dad’s library you’d understand. However, it’s funny how much I am taking after my Dad because I am beginning to cultivate an ever growing library of my own. We kids still poke fun at my Dad, but I now immensely respect my Dad for his library because it displays that he was always learning (Even today you could find him in the middle of ten or so books at a time…it’s amazing). He is the best example in my life of a lifelong learner. He could use sermons over and over, but there is no need…he is always learning and developing fresh thoughts. He is 65, but definitely more progressive in his thinking/writing and farther on the cutting edge than I probably will ever be. From his example I learned being well-read is important if I am preach a lifetime.

—My mom actually wrote me the other day with URL to his new website. It’s still being constructed, but will begin posting thoughts soon—

In my father’s footsteps I love to read (this wasn’t always true). From his bookshelves and of others I respect I’ve discovered several authors worth keeping tabs on. Below are some a few of the authors that grace their shelves…and now grace mine.

Ministry and Leadership

Leonard Sweet

Tom Rainer

Theological and Scholarly

N.T. Wright

Eugene Peterson

Philip Yancey

Dallas Willard

Authors Having Passed

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Henri Nouwen

A.W. Tozer

Leeland Ryken

Study Resources
May 13, 2008, 4:31 am
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One of the primary emphases of my ministry is teaching. In fact, I would say it is the cental emphasis of what I do. I teach junior high students, high school kids, young adults and share a portion of the preaching responsibility with our sr. minister. So, I spend a good portion of my week in prep time getting ready for an upcoming lesson or future series that is in the que.

One of the questions I am constantly asked is what I use for prep. I must admit that I am a bit quirky on my study and prep time…meaning my habits are my own. However, let me point you to a few resources I use just about week in and week and that are always close by me when studying. And in the future I will point you to other resources that may be of value to you.

1. The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. Absolutely fantastic. This gives wonderful overviews of about any Biblical topic or idea (i.e. Shepherd, Obedience, Sabbath, etc.). It is fairly brief, but pretty stinkin’ thorough.

2. Bible Background Commentary. Offers good cultural background without having to search all over. I highly recommend this. There is an OT and NT available.

3. Playing With Fire. I love Russell’s attitude toward Scripture. He looks at things on a macro level here, fitting each part of Scripture into the larger story. His approach gets me fired up and I found myself reading and rereading his material.

4. Finally…get yourself this little pocket dictionary. It’s just good to keep something near you that breaks down all the big words (at least I need it in my world).