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Good Week
May 15, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Boy, this has been a good week and am I ever so happy to have a good week. Our congregation has had a rough couple of weeks with very tough decisions, just as tough circumstances and lots of headaches taking up our energy. We lost a staff member, received overwhelming final numbers on our new facility and just a sense of tension loomed everywhere. It’s one of those times where it’s like you’re just trying to get through the week. I learned just how frustrating and discouraging ministry can be because it’s hard to even look toward next week let alone plan a few weeks/months out. I didn’t much feel like doing anything. So, let me reiterate how wonderful a week I am having (and Leclaire as well).

We got great news that the staff we lost landed a fantastic position, our remaining staff began planning and visioning for the future, my wife just keeps getting closer to her due date (she’s due July 1st with our first kid – a girl) and, to top it all off, I moved into a new office. My old office was terrible. It was a little space off to the side of stage. And…I am even going fishing on Friday. Headin’ to Jackson, MO to fish with buddy Lucas’ Dad.

I have capped off this night with two things: 1. Writing this post around a fire while drinking an RC and 2. The adding of an exciting video to this post. It is a compilation of Billy Sims runs while he was at Oklahoma. Before Reggie Bush, LT and even Adrian Peterson there was Billy Sims.

Peace…and Cheers! Matt c.