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July 18, 2008, 1:37 am
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Since Nicole and I have owned our house I have made it a top priority to be the best neighbor I can. I hold my job as a neighbor to be one of the more important tasks set in front of me and I pray for them by name daily. In particular, I work hard to befriend those to my right and left. I see these folk a lot because I share a driveway on one side and a fence on the other side. And, boy, It’s nice to have someone greet you with a smile (other than your spouse or happy dog) when you get home from work.

We have had multiple neighbors to the house on our right and I am so proud that I have known each neighbor by name and known on a fairly personally level. There a lot of things that are worth bragging about, but this is one of the “tops” for me. In fact, one family attends church where I serve.

My newest neighbor is about as nice a man I have come across. He, in all seriousness, might be as giving of his time than any other person I have met. I am unsure if he is a believer. He has mentioned belief in a higher power, but never in Jesus. Never once have I been aggressive in converting him, though…it’s actually never been on top of my list. Just tried hard to be as good a neighbor I can be.

Last week he and I were working between our houses, loading brush and pine needles in my truck to haul away. We had a pretty good conversation about general stuff and even talked faith a bit. I hadn’t thought about this until he mentioned it later, but my radio station was tuned to the Christian station. He saw me as he was backing out later that night and said he loved that station so much he pre-set on his station. It reminded him of songs he sang when he was younger.

I am fairly sure that God is hearing my prayers and is stirring in his heart. Please say a prayer this man. I won’t mention his name, but ask that you do pray for him.