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“Then” to “Now”
November 4, 2008, 9:12 pm
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One of the responsibilities I have at Leclaire is to oversee the Worship Ministry. Until my last year of undergrad I never envisioned myself with such a role. In fact, I don’t think anyone who knew me envisioned me in the role of a worship because I loved preaching/teaching far too much to do that secondary, I had no formal music background (couldn’t and still can’t read music, was never in band, etc.) and, truth be told, I couldn’t sing. Seriously, if you talk to some who knew me 6 years ago they will tell you I was as poor a singer as most jr. high boys are in the midst of puberty. I played a lot guitar with my buddy Lucas, but that was the extinct of my music background.

I remember my first few years in worship ministry as I struggled to get my bearings as a leader and worship leader, learned how to deal with difficult and opinionated people, tried to find and maintain balance with other reponsibilites (students, college and young adults) and scratched the surface of how to be a man and husband. Those were a few tough years sprinkled with pointed meetings, confrontations with controlling people, stress out the whazoo, etc. I thought God had thrown me into lion pit and left to go fishing. Man, I was tempted to quit at least… … …probably 20 times (haha) and take a job mowing for the city.

But I see the fruit from those tough years and now smile that they have passed. Refined in the fire, if you will. I learned a lot about my leadership style and the need to surround myself with others who were strong in my weakness. I also learned that transition can be long and arduous requiring stamina and utter dependence upon the Almighty. Quite frankly, were it not for God using a couple and their two boys during these few years Nicole and I probably would be living in another state right now. But that couple is a post within themself…more on them later.

The defining turning point in my ministerial career thus far came when, divinely, a family moved from Texas to Edwardsville and began attending Leclaire. Their gifts and hospitality brought me out from under a dark period. They could sing and play about anything. More than these, they were a picture of health in a time of unhealth personally.  I owe this family enormous gratitude. They loved me and encouraged me and had me out for supper and even let me fish in their pond.

Now, at age 28, I oversee a great worship ministry with as good a team as there is and I even get to lead worship as often as I like. I am probably not the most qualified for worship ministry, but, hey, calling is far superior than qualifications. And while I am aware that I am not some awesome worship “minister” I do take pride that I am as gifted in “leading” worship as I am at about anything else. Six years ago this was not case!!! As I look at how God has shaped my gifts to do ministry I am pretty amazed at how I have grown as a leader, singer and, most importantly, as a worshipper.